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Removing barriers for people with disabilities


In 2017, one in five (22%) of the Canadian population aged 15 years and over – or about 6.2 million individuals – had one or more disabilities. The largest of any equity-deserving group, people with disabilities face significant stigma and biases in the workplace that prevent them from getting and keeping work. 

Negative attitudes or assumptions about the effectiveness of people with disabilities at work have been thoroughly debunked. Research shows that having employees with disabilities improves a workplace’s productivity, morale, and innovation, as well as a company’s consumer reach.

For people with disabilities, workplace inclusion means accessibility and acceptance. Organizations can improve employment outcomes by removing barriers, openly communicating with employees about their needs, and making accommodations where necessary. Sometimes that means shifting policies, job descriptions, hours, or making adjustments to workspaces to ensure that each employee is given what they need to succeed.

The resources on this site will help your organization create an accessible workplace and revise your recruitment and retention strategies to support people with a variety of disabilities.


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