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People first


"The greatest asset of a company is its people." - Jorge Paulo Lemann (Co-founder, Banco Garantia)
Employees make the company. By building a diverse and inclusive organization, you can get even more from the staff you bring on while ultimately improving their experience. The employee life cycle spans from recruitment to professional development. Learn to attract diverse candidates, find the right person for the job, and propel their professional development. Your strategy to engage your staff should shift and grow with them during their time at your organization. Long-term investments in people make for a committed and effective team.

Having a strong pipeline of diverse candidates is the starting point for creating change in your organization. Build a foundation for inclusive hiring by providing equal opportunities, recruiting from new avenues, and ensuring a fair process.


Effective onboarding is critical to long-term retention. The process should equip your new hire to do their job while providing an inclusive experience. Create a sense of belonging and acceptance from day one to support the individual in thriving.


Retaining the best team members who add to your culture requires providing them with what they need to succeed, which may be different depending on who makes up your team. A retention strategy should focus on both the organization and the individual.


The personal and professional development of employees is a foundational component of a diversity and inclusion strategy. When employees see their employer investing in them, they are willing to invest back into the organization.