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What are equity-deserving groups?


The term refers to the equity-deserving groups that traditionally, have not received equal opportunities to thrive. The EDI&B HUB focuses on the following groups: Indigenous, 2SLGBTQQIA+, Newcomers to Canada, People of Colour, People with Disabilities, and Women. However, we do acknowledge that there may be additional groups affected outside of those mentioned.

Successful Indigenous employment requires cultural awareness, commitment to reconciliation and an inclusive workplace. Long standing partnerships with Indigenous serving organizations will support in attracting & retaining employees from this group.


Building culture that is inclusive to the 2SLGBTQQIA+ community means removing barriers and stigma around gender identity and sexual orientation in the workplace. Employees should feel safe to be themselves and share different aspects of their lives.

Newcomers to Canada

Newcomers often face barriers such as language or a lack of Canadian work experience. The talent and expertise of newcomers is a great addition to organizations as they provide global perspective and insights.

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People of Colour

Systemic racism and barriers impact people of colour’s comfort, safety, mental and emotional wellbeing, and their likelihood of being hired, promoted, or appointed to boards.

People with Disabilities

Solving the barriers to workforce participation for people with disabilities often requires adjustments to environments, organizational cultures, as well as open communication with employees.


A workplace that is inclusive, regardless of gender, provides women employees with equal opportunities for mentorship and support to move into leadership. A championing culture is critical to ensure gender equality at all levels of the organization.