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Create trust. Speak up. Be accountable.


An ally is someone who speaks up and advocates for members of equity-deserving groups. Allyship means using your privilege to advocate for others and promote equity. It also means doing the work of questioning your own biases. (Everyone has them!)

Individuals from equity-deserving groups should not have to shoulder the burden of educating everyone on inclusive behaviours. Allies support them by stepping up and doing their part to shift behaviours and attitudes. It is especially important in circles where allies have influence, like their workplace.

Allyship at work often involves educating others. For instance, allies encourage their peers to correct their language or behaviours. They could counter microaggressions they observe. Depending on your position, you might have different opportunities to be an ally. You could encourage an individual to put their name forward for a role or project. You might consider being a mentor. You might even use your voice to ensure others are heard by reinforcing what they are saying in meetings or crediting their ideas.

Being an ally is more about how you can be of service to others. Here are some ideas of what you can do in the workplace. 



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