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Keep employees engaged with EDI&B goals


Commit to the well being of your employees and they will commit to your organization. An employee who feels taken care of at work is more emotionally committed and finds more meaning in their job. 

Employee engagement is the act of reviewing the overall well being of employees– from their mental and physical health to their growth and purpose at work. Connect with each employee one-on-one to discover their unique needs and address them. The support will allow their most productive and creative self to come forward in the office. 

In addition, employee engagement can go further in co-creating an inclusive work environment. Employees thrive when given opportunities to put forward ideas and lead initiatives. Engagement grows when staff build a community that can help them to succeed at work. 

To that end, some larger organizations have EDI&B committees or Employee Resource Groups. Groups might be centered on supporting employees with a specific identity or need. Others are aimed at furthering the EDI&B cause generally in the organization. 

The resources below will support you in building that deeper sense of engagement with your employees and give you some ideas on how to get started.



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