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Maturity Model
Organizations embrace diversity and inclusion in stages. Find out which stage your organization is currently in by taking the self-assessment. Completing the self-assessment will provide you with an opportunity to reflect on how well your company is doing, where you might have gaps, and which resources on the HUB could move you to the next level.
Why focus on EDI&B?

Equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging leads to better business outcomes, increased revenues, and attracts great talent. EDI&B is also shown to improve employee job satisfaction and company culture.

Companies in top 1/4 in ethnic/racial diversity 35% more likely to surpass industry peers in returns (McKinsey, 2015)
Higher innovation revenues in companies that are above average in diversity (Harvard Business Review, 2018)
Of job seekers look at diversity and inclusion when evaluating an offer of employment (Glassdoor, 2014)