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Onboarding for retention


Starting employees out on the right foot improves everyone’s experience at work. According to Glassdoor, a strong onboarding process improves retention by 82% and productivity by over 70%.

Proper onboarding keeps an employee engaged and confident in their role. It also demonstrates how their role is aligned to the organization’s goals and how they can reach their potential through a new job. Onboarding should make new hires feel welcome and provide opportunities to connect with other staff. That way, employers can leverage the onboarding process to create a stronger sense of community. 

On the whole, onboarding sets the tone of a work environment designed to support your employees. And that is what makes them want to stick around.

The first six months are critical for an employee’s long-term engagement with the company. Inclusive onboarding mechanisms should promote a sense of belonging and support the integration of the individual into the team. 

Some organizations promote belonging through use of the buddy system and mentorship programs. Some set ground rules to maintain an inclusive environment where all aspects of the individual are accepted. 

The resources below will support you in creating a strong onboarding program that supports individuals of all backgrounds and experiences.


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